Sylcom Systems, Inc.

We are sad to announce that have recently learned that our web host provider for over 10 years, Web Link Technologies, appears to have gone out of business with no advance warning or notification to us afterwards. Without any advance knowledge whatsoever, the Sylcom web site was shut down and, we have subsequently learned, Web Link Technologies manner of registering our domain name delayed us from accessing information about what was wrong with our site until very recently.

We have been working with agents from a new technology company in an effort to locate Sylcom’s files and testing programs on DNS Servers so that the programs can be transferred and made available again to our clients for testing and other services. Unfortunately, this new company has yet been unable to locate our files or programs. However, the searching will continue until we are certain our files are not available.

In the interim, to our existing clients who utilized the Sylcom website for training, Sylcom offers the option of Sylcom agents performing on-site training for our clients, or we will provide our clients our PowerPoint Training Modules to download onto their computer systems so they can do the training in-house from their own networks. If in the next 30 days our files are located on a server, we will copy the files to our new server and things should return to being available on the website as previously occurred.

We want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We have made significant efforts to try to determine the cause of this problem and are working tirelessly to rectify it as soon as we possibly can.

Please let Sylcom know if you would like on-site training or copies of the PowerPoint Training Modules downloaded to you so that you can install them on your own network and continue staff training. You will be permitted to download the programs so long as you are under contract with Sylcom. We hope to have a list of available modules posted on our new site by the end of the week of March 7, 2016.

Again, we cannot apologize enough for the problems resulting from this situation. We will try to update everyone via our new web site so please check our new site once it has been in operation.

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